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Meet Amy D. Cohen, our Alternative Practitioner

Amy, Alternative Practitioner,  is one of the most respected advisers in the field of emotional health and wellness for anxiousness, sadness, children behavior challenges, hearing voices and more to naturally, safely and effectively bring you back to a healthy, positive state using powerful remedies from the earth.

As an Alternative Practitioner for Emotional Health and Wellness, she has achieved great success working with clients worldwide – consulting with, and creating powerful, personalized botanical blends for the traumatic emotional issues that can change our story, and stop us from living life happy. It can be as intense as trauma, children’s behavior challenges (adoption & culture as well), severe sadness, intense anxiousness, symptoms of autism, feeling stuck or as simple as procrastination, confidence, peer pressure and tantrums.

Do not believe that your struggles are too great to be helped by holistic medicine.  Amy’s anxiety was so bad she could not leave her house.  Working with powerful plant extracts quickly, powerfully and safely brought her back to who she is, relieving the anxiousness, and the sadness and loss of control that came with it.  As an Alternative Practitioner, working with children with symptoms of autism, child behavior challenges, children that hear voices, intense sadness – she has seen powerful changes usually beginning within 30 days.  This has led Amy to this great purpose in  get it out there to others, never feel hopeless!  Call for a complimentary consultation and get your life, your families life back in order!

She has spent the last decade traveling around the world to study with the most will known and respected producers of powerful botanicals. Amy D. Cohen, Alternative Practitioner, Consultant, Speaker, and a Educator of this powerful healing modality, and has been seen on TV and heard on radio throughout the U.S. Take back control of your life again, get back on your path, feel success and joy for yourself and your family.  Learn through a consultation how to help yourself, help your children to powerfully get back to themselves, relieving their anxiousness, sadness, fears, worries and more!

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